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Save Our Seas Foundation announces partners and continuation grants for 2017

23rd March 2017

We are proud to continue working with the following researchers and conservationists:


Project leader: Guy Stevens
Location: Global
Project: A global strategy and action plan for the long-term conservation of mobulid rays

Project leaders: Janie Wray and Hermann Meuter
Location: Great Bear Rainforest, British Colombia, Canada
Project: Identifying critical habitat for killer whales in northern British Columbia

Project leader: Paul Cowley
Location: Southern Africa
Project: The Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP): A nationwide marine science platform

Project leader: Sarah Waries
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Project: Shark Spotters: Finding a balance between recreational water user safety and white shark conservation

Project leader: Tristan Guttridge and Samuel Gruber
Location: Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation, Bahamas
Project: Elasmobranch research, education and conservation in Bimini, Bahamas

Orcas at Hartley Bay in the Great Bear Rainforest, British Colombia. Photo © Cetacea Lab

Continuation grants:

Project leader: Alison Kock
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Project: Sharks on the urban edge – Shark research component of the Shark Spotters programme

Project Leader: Barbara Wueringer
Location: Queensland, Australia
Project: Trophic position and ecological roles of euryhaline elasmobranch predators

Project leader: Bernadette Manjaji Matsumoto
Location: Northern Bornew, Malaysia
Project: Elasmobranch biodiversity monitoring and assessment in Sabah, northern Borneo

Project leader: Chantel Elston
Location: St Joseph, Seychelles
Project: The ecology of stingrays in the St. Joseph Atoll, Seychelles

Project leader: Danielle van den Heever
Location: St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles
Project: Foraging ecology of wedge-tailed shearwaters breeding at St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles

Project leader: Dean Grubbs
Location: Andros Island, Bahamas
Project: Habitat use, residency and population genetics of endangered smalltooth sawfish off Andros Island

Project leader: Eva Meyers
Location: Canary Islands, Spain
Project: Discovery of an angel shark nursery area in the Canary Islands

Project leader: Felice Dhellemmes
Location: Bimini Biological Field Station, Bahamas
Project: Ecological consequences of personality in sharks

Project leader: Ivy Baremore
Location: Belize
Project: Characterizing the emerging deep-water shark fisheries in Belize

Project leader: Jeanne Mortimer
Location: St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles
Project: Community monitoring of turtles at D’Arros and St. Joseph

Project leader: Karl Fleischmann
Location: Mahé, Seychelles
Project: Support and equipment for the University of the Seychelles

Project leader: Lauren Peel
Location: D’ Arros Island, Seychelles
Project: Movement patterns, trophic role and ecology of reef mantas in the D’Arros Marine Protected Area

Project leader: Michael Scholl
Location: Bristol, UK
Project: Finprinting – An international white Shark photographic identification catalogue system

Project leader: Mohammed Abudaya
Location: Palestine
Project: Assessment of the Gaza fishery of the giant devil ray

Project leader: Ornella Weideli
Location: St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles
Project: Habitat and resource partitioning of juvenile sharks and their roles in remote coastal ecosystems

Project leader: Ruth Leeney
Location: Madagascar
Project: Documenting and protecting critically endangered sawfishes in Madagascar

A white shark is seen in front of the populated coastline of False Bay during a Shark Spotters research trip. Photo © Mac Stone | Save Our Seas Foundation