The Acoustic Tracking Array Platform

The Acoustic Tracking Array Platform

Since the launch of the Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP) in 2011, the project has deployed approximately 200 acoustic receivers along two thirds of South Africa’s coastal waters — an area 2000 kilometres in length.

The ATAP platform is made up of a network of bottom moored acoustic receivers which record tagged animals. This collaborative platform provides service to the worldwide marine animal tracking community by monitoring the movements and migrations of inshore species and sharing that knowledge. It is part of the global Ocean Tracking Network, an organisation using monitoring more than 140 species in 29 countries.

ATAP successfully collects data on commercially important and endangered marine species for up to 10 years (the maximum life of acoustic tags). This information is crucial for conservation planning and management.


Our partnership

Save Our Seas Foundation has supported ATAP since 2013 by providing funding for the maintenance of the receiver network. The Foundation also fosters collaboration with ATAP through many of our South African based project leaders as they share the same resources.