Cetacea Lab

Cetacea Lab

Janie Wray and Hermann Meuter built Cetacea Lab on a small island on the remote north coast of British Columbia in 2001 and, having established a network of hydrophone stations in the surrounding waters, they have been listening in to the underwater activities of whales, killer whales and orcas ever since.

Although the acoustic library they have built up includes humpback call types, the primary focus is on orcas, their movements and their social bonds.

When not listening to the calls, Janie, Hermann and the current interns are out adding visual observations to their research, helped since 2010 by the local Gitga’at First Nations.

Our partnership

Funding support from the Save Our Seas Foundation has enabled Cetacea Lab to continue its important work in very tough and remote conditions. It is hoped that sufficient data will be accumulated over the next few years to convince Canada’s government to declare Caamano Sound critical habitat for orcas.