Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation

Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation

Founded by Dr Samuel Gruber in 1990, the Bimini Biological Field Station – or Shark Lab – was set up initially to research the population dynamics of lemon sharks, a study that has been running for over two decades.

The Bimini archipelago supports a diversity of habitats from mangroves to coral reefs, which led the field station to broaden its scope considerably. Its projects now focus on a wide range of shark and ray species, notably great hammerhead.

The Shark Lab is also an education centre, providing students with experience-based opportunities to study marine life and further their careers as marine biologists.

Our partnership

The Save Our Seas Foundation enjoys a close, long-term working relationship with the Bimini Biological Field Station, supporting it with funding and maintaining an active communication link.

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