Funding FAQ

Do you fund only projects on elasmobranchs?

We do fund some projects that are not focused on sharks, skates and rays and are always interested to hear about other marine subjects. However, such projects should be powerful and well designed, as they will face stiff competition from projects on elasmobranchs.

What do you mean by early career scientist?

Applicants are regarded as early career scientists if no more than five years have passed since they were awarded their degree.

For the Ocean Storytelling Photography Grant, what do you mean by emerging photographers?

Applicants are regarded as emerging photographers if they have no more than five years of professional experience in any photography-related discipline.

Does the SOSF fund salaries?

The costs of short-term employees or the short-term extra costs of an individual’s participation in a project may be eligible, if justified. Specialist services (e.g. film editing, laboratory testing, library facilities) may also be eligible.

When will I know if my application has been approved?

We will endeavour to acknowledge all grant applications within 10 days of receipt. SOSF staff may contact applicants if further explanation or information is required, or if there are suggestions or recommendations to amend and improve the project proposal.

All grant applications will be reviewed by their respective panels during the last quarter of the year and recommendations will be forwarded to the next SOSF board meeting. The final decision on successful applications should be available by the end of the year for Ocean Storytelling Photography Grants and the first quarter of the following year for Keystone and Small Grants.