Save Our Seas Magazine

A note from the Founder

The challenges our oceans and their inhabitants face today are vast. Since its inception, the Save Our Seas Foundation has funded over 480 projects in more than 90 countries across the globe. Each project, in its own unique way, strives for a deeper understanding and therefore better solutions in the areas of marine science research, conservation and education.

The raw ideas upon which the organisation was founded are: a shared passion for sharks and the oceans, a willingness to invest in early career professionals, and a desire to communicate beyond the boundaries of traditional scientific publications.

In 2014, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we launched Save Our Seas magazine. This publication is a celebration of these principles by showcasing incredible stories from Save Our Seas-funded projects all over the world.

Today, our collection counts more than 10 issues. The Save Our Seas Magazine received prestigious awards from the International Creative Media Award (ICMA) in late 2019. The ICMA is focused primarily on contemporary graphic design and has been promoted to foster creative enthusiasm and encourage the exchange of ideas across the globe.

If you would like to order a physical copy of any of the issues, you can do so here:

Issue #1 (Summer | May 2014) Web/PDF

Issue #2 (Winter | December 2014) Web/PDF

Issue #3 (Summer | June 2015) Web/PDF

Issue #4 (Winter | December 2015) Web/PDF

Issue #5 (Summer | June 2016) Web/PDF

Issue #6 (Winter | December 2016) Web/PDF

Issue #7 (Summer | June 2017) Web/PDF

Issue #8 (Winter | December 2017) Web/PDF

Issue #9 (Winter | December 2018) Web/PDF

Issue #10 (Summer | June 2019) Web/PDF

Issue #11 (Winter | October 2021) PDF

Issue #12 (Summer | August 2023) PDF