Marine education in the Seychelles

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People in the Seychelles are surrounded by a stunning ocean, which they are completely dependent on. Abbie’s programme inspires in children a sense of awe about the environment they are part of.

Marine education in the Seychelles

Abbie Hine

Project leader
About the project leader

Having grown up by the British seaside and spent hours messing about in the water and on boats and beaches, I suppose it was inevitable that the marine environment would continue to be a permanent feature in my life. Yet I’m not sure I could ever have imagined that it would give me the career, experiences and opportunities in some outstanding parts of the world that it has.

A childhood spent mostly outdoors ingrained into me the need to respect and care for nature and the environment. Even from a young age, I never questioned that I wanted to work in...

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As I head back to the sunshine and warmth of the Seychelles it’s time to think about the next 2 months and what has been achieved while I’ve been in the less than summery UK! Back in February and March while I was in Seychelles…
Project details

Marine education: a tool to conserve the Seychelles marine environment

Key objective

The purpose of this project is to use marine education as a tool to build awareness of the marine environment and its plight, and the concept of conservation in the Seychelles. There will be a particular focus on coral reefs, which have been severely degraded due to mass coral-bleaching events and other growing anthropogenic threats.

Why is this important

Environmental awareness is a key aspect of successful protection and management of marine ecosystems and their associated creatures. Through marine education, we can provide people with a greater understanding of marine resources and develop their conservation ethic. Marine education is an ideal vehicle for turning the tide towards improved environmental stewardship.


Our oceans are home to some of the world’s most diverse and productive ecosystems. Increasing knowledge and understanding of marine creatures and ecosystems, and their value and fragility can motivate people to actively partake in marine conservation. It is important to focus on marine education in schools as improving the knowledge and awareness of young people can lead to improved marine conservation now and in the future.

The Seychelles is a country of outstanding natural beauty both above and below the water. It is, however, a country dependant on its natural marine resources, which are being depleted – as they are in so many places. This marine education and awareness project started in Seychelles during 2010 following successful school visits and educational talks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Maldives. The goal of this project during 2011 and 2012 is to provide marine education to all the schools in Seychelles and spread marine awareness throughout the country.

Aims & objectives

The general aim of this project is to help conserve the marine environment of Seychelles. To achieve this, our objectives are to use marine education to:

  • Build awareness of the marine environment and its plight, and the concept of conservation.
  • Raise awareness about coral reefs, specifically, and contribute towards the reduction of coral damage from anthropogenic impacts.
  • Renew the public’s feeling of ownership towards their natural marine resources.

To achieve the objectives described, marine education will be provided to all the schools in Seychelles through a specially designed programme. Education will also be provided through different forms of media, organised activities and presentations at numerous venues.