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Get on Board & Protect our Oceans!

By Abbie Hine, 7th January 2013

It might be the Seychelles School’s long summer holiday but the project out here is still busy!

A fantastic collaboration between this marine education project and Kempinski Seychelles Resort at Baie Lazare has been established. This involves a weekly SOSF evening marine life talk for the resort guests and staff. These talks will be on various fascinating topics from getting to know some of the brightly coloured characters on the reef to the misunderstood sharks and the remarkable coral animals and lots more. The talks started over the festive season and will continue each Thursday from now on. In addition to this we had some fun sessions at the Kids Club; more leaping around singing songs as can be seen from the photos above!! We had some training sessions with the Kids Club staff so they can carry out these sessions themselves. There will be photo slideshows giving an example of the wonderful variety of marine life here in Seychelles, marine related stories, movies, including Shark Riddle which is always a favourite, colouring, arts and crafts and of course songs to sing. Plenty of fun to be had. We have been working with the resort management and have staff training on marine awareness starting in February. There are also plans afoot to have a whole TV channel in the guest rooms dedicated to SOSF. This will be fantastic as it will not only highlight the work carried out by all the projects funded by SOSF around the world but also bring more awareness to the plight of our oceans.

We have an exciting event coming up too. We will be conducting an informal (yet informative) talk, aimed at all those working in the marine related tourism industry here in Seychelles, mainly yacht charter companies and dive operators. The aim of the talk is to get as many people from marine tourist related industries together to learn, discuss and support ways we can all help protect the marine environment, and their livelihoods. It will be an excellent opportunity to get everyone together and bounce ideas around on ways we can work together towards a healthier marine resource. We’ll let you know how all this goes in the next blog.

Get on Board and Protect our Oceans © Abbie Hine

Get on Board and Protect our Oceans © Abbie Hine

Happy 2013 from Seychelles!

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