Ocean News

2017 Ongoing Projects

30th October 2017

Research and conservation projects focused on protecting marine species can take a significant amount of time. In addition to its annual funding contributions to Partner organisations and Small Grant projects, SOSF is happy to continue its support of 14 projects around the globe. Explore these ongoing projects below:

Félicie Dhellemmes is working with lemon sharks to discover what impact their different characters might have on their lives.

Ivy Baremore aims to understand the threat to Belize’s deep-sea sharks before it is too late.

Mohammed Abudaya works with fishing communities in Gaza to find out how to protect mobula rays during their visits to the east Mediterranean Sea.

Eva Meyers aims to learn about one of the few remaining populations of these enigmatic creatures.

Naiti Morales Serrano uses Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations to assess the pelagic/top predator species off Easter Island to inform better fishing regulations and the establishment of management and conservation plans.

Alison Kock is finding out how white sharks shape False Bay, South Africa, and what would happen if they disappeared.

Lauren Peel has a unique opportunity to learn about how manta rays live when they are free from human influence.

Jeanne Mortimer is training Seychellois monitors to observe nesting turtles and collect data about them.

Chantel Elston is investigating stingrays in the Seychelles to figure out how many of these animals there are, what they eat, where they live and how they move.

Ornella Weideli studies young blacktip reef and sicklefin lemon sharks in St Joseph’s lagoon to see how they get along while growing up together.

Danielle van den Heever is investigating shearwater birds, their diet, feeding behavior and diving patterns.

Mabel Matsumoto is visiting local fish markets to discover important information about these animals and how they are being exploited.