Save Our Seas Magazine17 June 2016

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Photo by Mohammed Sharee
Leafy seadragon photographed at sunrise off the Rapid Bay Jetty, SA, Australia. Photo by Justin Gilligan.
Photo by Rainer von Brandis
Project: Activities at the Shark Lab

Hammerheads in the shallows

Bimini in The Bahamas has become world famous for providing the opportunity to dive with – and photograph – great hammerhead sharks in provisioned dives to the west of the island. The sandy seabed at a depth of 10 metres (30 feet), seen through crystal-clear water, is immediately recognisable in the images posted by hundreds […]

Project: Sharks in the birthplace of evolution

Learning about sharks

Words by: Daniela Vilema and Beatriz Mariño ‘Galápagos needs sharks, sharks need Galápagos.’ This is the main focus of the environmental education workshops that have been developed for 5th, 6th and 7th graders in all the schools of Santa Cruz, the most populous island of the Galápagos archipelago. The workshops will soon also be conducted […]

Project: New tag, better tracking

Testing the first prototype…..

Developing a low-cost instrument to track marine animals can be challenging. The instruments most used for this purpose are the Argos satellite transmitters, but they are very expensive and, in some cases, imprecise in estimating the real position of the animal. The instrument I want to develop would use a channel different from satellite to […]

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Foundation Updates

Shark Senses Virtual Reality Exhibit at SOSF’s Shark Education Scoops International Award

The Save Our Seas Foundation’s Shark Education Centre in Kalk Bay, South Africa has been upgrading and adding new exhibits, with an emphasis on creating an experience for visitors that is unique, educational and fun, and the brand new Shark…

D’Arros and St Joseph Special Reserve: Shaped by Shark Tracking

New research from the Save Our Seas Foundation D’Arros Research Centre, in collaboration with the Marine Biological Association of the UK, enhances the design of a marine protected area. How do you decide on the size and shape of a…

An antidote to Shark Week sensationalism

Tourists swim with Carribean reef sharks at Bimini Island in the Bahmas. Photo by Shin Arunrugstichai It's the last week of June and that means one thing in the shark world: Discovery Shark Week. Most shark scientists have mixed feelings…

Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer receives award honouring her life as ‘Madanm Torti’

In March, the International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS) awarded Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to sea turtles, a vocation that has spanned four decades. The award was announced at the 36th Annual ISTS…

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