Photo by Rainer von Brandis
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Photo by Rainer von Brandis
Photo by Rainer von Brandis
Project: Mobile sharks

From Montreal to Madagascar: mobile monitoring back home

During my journey from Tuléar to Andavadoaka we drove along the coast where there is an astonishing view of blue sky, white sand and blue sea that in my adopted country of Canada you see only as a desktop background. I could not believe that I was now back on Paradise Island and thanked heaven […]

Project: Tracking Bimini’s sharks

Born to be wild

Tiger shark. For some people these words may conjure up an image of one of the ocean’s top predators: large, fierce and considered to be dangerous. Me, I think of one of the cutest and most distinctly patterned animals in the ocean. At the Bimini Shark Lab we regularly handle both versions, as we capture […]

Project: Mobulid ray conservation

Advocating for the devils

A significant milestone was reached last week when close to 40 Observers and representatives of governments and NGOs gathered in Costa Rica to set new conservation priorities and improve protection for migratory sharks and rays. The Manta Trust took part in this fantastic week-long conference, which represented the second meeting of the Signatories to the […]

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Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer receives award honouring her life as ‘Madanm Torti’

In March, the International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS) awarded Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to sea turtles, a vocation that has spanned four decades. The award was announced at the 36th Annual ISTS…

Sawfish silver lining in Mexico

Mexico is among the places in the world where sawfishes used to be abundant, but sightings of them in the country have been hard to come by in recent years and difficult to confirm – until last week. Sawfishes are…

#goodsharkkarma 2015: the tribe

#goodsharkkarma is all about developing a positive and respectful relationship with the most feared fish in the sea. Every year in early December, thousands of beach-goers descend on Clifton 4th Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, for the Wavescape Surf…

Back into the wild

It’s noon and I’m locking the door to my office in Geneva. It’s 10 °C, cold for this time of the year… Winter is coming. Photos by Nadia Bruyndonckx © Save Our Seas Foundation

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