Save Our Seas Magazine17 June 2016

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Photo by Mohammed Sharee
Leafy seadragon photographed at sunrise off the Rapid Bay Jetty, SA, Australia. Photo by Justin Gilligan.
Photo by Rainer von Brandis
Project: Sharks on the urban edge

A seal’s survival guide

Co-author: Alta De Vos I have a big problem: I am hungry. So go out and grab something to eat. What’s the big deal? Well, I’m a Cape fur seal and, for starters, my meal is more than 60 kilometres away. But the real cruncher is that I have to run the gauntlet of very […]

Project: The old men and the sea

A sea full of sharks – just a fisherman’s yarn?

When Fernandez de Oviedo wrote a summary of the natural resources of the Caribbean for the king of Spain in 1534, he described a rich marine life that could be harvested. He commented especially on the abundance of sharks, turtles and sea cows above all other marine creatures. Other early explorers described a large, ferocious […]

Project: Market for mobulids

The mobulid fishery in India

It was a sunny day when I set off on the journey to my study area in the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve. Proclaimed by UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme, the reserve lies at the south-eastern tip of India and I was bound for the fishing village of Tharuvaikulam, where I usually carry out […]

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An antidote to Shark Week sensationalism

It's the last week of June and that means one thing in the shark world: Discovery Shark Week. Most shark scientists have mixed feelings about the show; it is a good thing that sharks are in the public eye, but…

Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer receives award honouring her life as ‘Madanm Torti’

In March, the International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS) awarded Dr Jeanne A. Mortimer with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to sea turtles, a vocation that has spanned four decades. The award was announced at the 36th Annual ISTS…

Sawfish silver lining in Mexico

Mexico is among the places in the world where sawfishes used to be abundant, but sightings of them in the country have been hard to come by in recent years and difficult to confirm – until last week. Sawfishes are…

#goodsharkkarma 2015: the tribe

#goodsharkkarma is all about developing a positive and respectful relationship with the most feared fish in the sea. Every year in early December, thousands of beach-goers descend on Clifton 4th Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, for the Wavescape Surf…

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