Immersive features4 August 2015

Journey to the Western Indian Ocean

An immersive feature exploring the abundant underwater realms of the Western Indian Ocean.

Photo by Thomas P. Peschak
Magazine8 June 2015

Save Our Seas magazine, issue 3

The Save Our Seas magazine is published twice a year. Issue 3 showcases a special double feature about Cape Town’s False Bay, photographed by SOSF’s Conservation Photography Grantees.

Photo by Joris van Alphen

False Bay

Stories told by the Save Our Seas Foundation Marine Photography Grant Winners, Mac Stone and Joris van Alphen.

Photo by Mac Stone
Project: Makos: nomads of the high seas

Mako: trouble catching up with the fastest shark

It is difficult to catch things that move fast. It is even harder to locate things that are both fast and rare. These are just two of the problems that our team faces in our study of the shortfin mako shark, the fastest shark in the sea that has been clocked at speeds of about […]

Project: Drone diaries of The Bahamas

An interview with the Shark Ambassador

In 2011, The Bahamas became, at the time, the fourth and largest shark sanctuary covering over 250,000 square miles of waters that prohibits commercial fishing of sharks and promotes a catch-and-release recreational shark fishing. This a proactive step forward for shark conservation and as part of my work for ‘Drone diaries of The Bahamas’ I […]

Project: Drone diaries of The Bahamas

Sharks and us

Known as the shark capital of the world, The Bahamas hosts a great diversity and an abundance of sharks in its waters. To protect these healthy populations, in 2011 the nation declared its waters – more than 650,000 square kilometres (250,000 square miles) of ocean – a shark sanctuary, in which commercial shark fishing is […]

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Swimming with Sharks

The 15th Night of the Museums took place in Lausanne this weekend. This event involves all the museums of the city which open their doors from 2 PM to 2AM the night of Saturday. The Museum of Natural History hosts…

Fresh air of the Swiss Alps

Every year, the Save Our Seas Foundation team meets to discuss the grant proposals and strategy for the Foundation for the following year. This year, we welcomed Dr Dean Grubbs on our team of scientific advisors comprised by Sarah Fowler,…

A photo exhibition by the sea

This week, the Save Our Seas Foundation launches an outdoor photo exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa, that portrays the amazing life beneath the waves and around the coast of False Bay: reef fish, sharks, kelp forests, beaches and surf,…

Eugenie Clark Award

The new Eugenie Clark Award will ensure that the legacy of the ‘Shark Lady’ lives on and that future female scientists continue to contribute to it. Launched last week by the American Elasmobranch Society (AES), with the support of the…

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