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Octopus Antics

By Lauren de Vos, 10th August 2016

The accolade for one of the most interesting and hilarious stars on our BRUVs footage undoubtedly goes to an invertebrate: the ever-surprising octopus. In False Bay, we most often see the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris). One of my first videos in 2012 captured an octopus that stole our bait canister while fending off a pyjama catshark, a post that went viral and which I reference in this new video (revisit the original blog and video here).

For more information on the octopus, check out Georgina Jones’s A field guide to the marine animals of the Cape Peninsula and the Two Oceans: a guide to the marine life of southern Africa by George and Margo Branch, Charles Griffiths and Lynnath Beckley.

In the meantime, have a bit of a giggle at some of the incidental antics we’ve captured on our cameras to date!

Eight is great (when you’re going after bait) from Lauren De Vos on Vimeo.

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