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Disappearing sharks

By Isabel da Silva, 9th February 2016

On 10 and 11 October 2015 we visited the fishing centres of Quissanga da Praia and Mucojo in Mozambique, taking with us Eronider, a student from UniLúrio University, to help us reach more fishermen. From his conversations with the fishermen Eronider discovered which shark species are most fished and where sharks are commonly caught. This work deep inside a national park was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the fisheries extensionistas who are now shark ‘experts’. By the time we had finished, Eronider was pleased with what we had achieved, but he was also concerned about the situation of sharks in that part of Mozambique because very few fishermen had caught sharks and most had never seen a shark in the ocean. Only the older fishermen reported that sharks were abundant when they were children.

SILVA isabel - disappearing sharks

© Photo by Isabel Silva | Save Our Seas Foundation

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