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Bonefish research – an introduction

By Emily Moxham, 7th May 2015

Welcome to the Seychelles. During the course of this series of blogs I will give you a snapshot of our research and an account of island life in general and our adventures. Our research will be conducted on St Joseph Atoll, near D’Arros Island in the Amirantes Group. This atoll is formed by a group of islands and sand flats that surrounds an expanse of deeper water. Atolls are typically very productive and host a wide variety of species.

We are fortunate to be allowed to conduct research in and around the atoll. Our research aims to have minimal impact while generating scientifically robust data that will help to give us a better understanding – from an animal’s perspective – of life in and around the atoll.

In this project we will be trying to understand both the movement patterns and the basic diet of bonefish Albula spp. Very little is known about the biology of bonefish in the Indian Ocean, yet these fish are sought after by the recreational fishing community and are the target for many angling trips in the Seychelles. The income generated from such activities is essential for small island countries such as the Seychelles. It is therefore imperative to maintain and protect these species, not just for the economy, but also to preserve the natural environment that gives Seychelles its charm.

Aerial view of St Joseph Atoll.

Aerial view of D'Arros Island and St Joseph Atoll. Image © Google Maps | Google

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