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A marine BioBlitz, looking for nursehounds

By Eleonora de Sabata, 29th November 2013

Donzens of divers will be congregating in the Gulf of Naples this week-end to help our project. We will dive on the (by now famous) Santa Croce Bank to collect as many pictures of live specimen of nursehounds, to see if we can photo-identify them and track their presence on the bank for longer periods. Diving citizen scientists will be joining forces with researchers to help increase our knoledge of this little known species and contribute to its conservation.
It’s pretty cold at the moment in Italy, but our spirits are high! Our event will be broadcast on national TV, we have diving companies supporting us and the Coast Guard to help… all in all it should be a fun and interesting week-end!
So stay tuned – and if you’re in the area… please come help us!

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