The Whole Tooth

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Years funded
  • 2020
  • Active
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  • Education

The Whole Tooth, bringing you nothing but the truth about sharks, rays and other marine life.

The Whole Tooth

Isla Hodgson

Project leader
About the project leader


I’m Isla – scientist, wildlife guide, scuba diver, general all round ocean enthusiast. For The Whole Tooth video blog, I will be pitching your marine questions to experts from all over the world. No question is too big, or too small, we’ll get it answered.


How did you fall in love with the ocean?


I grew up in a seaside town on the north-east coast of England with very easy access to the beach, so I was in the water from pretty much day one! I spent my childhood exploring the coastline; picking my way across the cliffs looking for seabirds, peering...

Project details

The Whole Tooth

Key objective

The Whole Tooth is an interactive, informal video blog aimed at connecting a general audience to top marine researchers in an accessible and engaging way. People can submit any questions they may have about our oceans here, then we match them up with scientists and educators to get answers from the global experts.


We’ll then produce regular episodes getting people’s questions answered, along with specials that focus on a particular topic or location. All episodes will be available on the Save Our Seas Foundation YouTube channel.