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2019 SOSF Centers & Partners

13th May 2019

The Save Our Seas Foundation is proud to support research and conservation in different ways. While it funds many individual projects that start and finish over the years, several key relationships with partner organisations have been fostered to continue into the future. Research and education are the focus of the three centres that the SOSF manages directly.

Cuttingedge science and long-term scientific observation are the mainstays of the Shark Research Center in the USA and the D’Arros Research Centre in the Seychelles. Nurturing the marine conservationists of the future falls to the Shark Education Centre in South Africa. The success of these centres underpins the SOSF’s work on the ground, extending its conservation footprint and cultivating a wider community of ocean stewards.

The SOSF also partners with a collection of five independent NGOs that share a common goal: tackling head-on the challenges of global ocean conservation. The Bimini Biological Field Station (also known as the Shark Lab), the North Coast Cetacean Society, the Manta Trust, the Shark Spotters,  the Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP), as well as the Darwin and Wolf Marine Sanctuary, each bring unique insights that weave together different realms of expertise. All are carrying out long-term research and conservation work. In terms of funding and communication, the SOSF partners closely with this community.