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Funding applications

The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) offers a series of grants dedicated to research, conservation and education projects worldwide. Projects should integrate at least two of these components and focus on charismatic marine megafauna, particularly sharks, rays and skates.

Depending on the grant category you are applying for, the application process, deadlines and conditions are different. Please read the funding guidelines carefully.

  Keystone Grant Small Grant Emergency Grant Photography Grant
Cycle type Biennial Annual Continuous Biennial
Amount 10,000–100,000 USD ≤ 10,000 USD ≤ 5,000 USD 2,000 USD
Application type Online (2-stage process) Online (2-stage process)
Online Online
Next application window 1 April – 31 May 2016 (Stage I)
1- 31 July 2016 (Stage II)
1 April – 31 May 2016 (stage I)
1 – 31 July 2016 (stage II)
Scope ≤ 3 years
(annual review and award)
≤ 12 months << 12 months Paid three-week assignment
Target All Early career professionals Urgent and emergency funding Emerging photographers
Type Research, conservation and education Research, conservation and education Conservation Marine conservation photography

Keystone Grants
The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) is committed to protecting our oceans by funding and supporting research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats. SOSF is particularly interested in Sharks, Rays and Skates. A special call for applications for 2017 is aimed at supporting research projects that promote the recovery of Sawfish.

Next application window: April – May 2016 (Stage I)

Small Grants
For short and small projects dedicated to early career scientists. Only Chondrichthyes species (sharks, rays, skates, sawfish and chimaeras) or habitat related projects will be considered.

Next application window: April  – May 2016 (Stage I)

Emergency Grants
For conservation emergency, special and rare occasions when these require unique, urgent and immediate attention.
Next application window: all year

Keystone Continuation Grants
This grant is by invitation only.

Keystone Special Grants
This grant is by invitation only.

Conservation Photography Grant
Designed for emerging marine conservation photographers.
Next application window: 15 November 2015 – 31 January 2016 (extended)