Who to contact for what


Sandrine (Switzerland)

Grant Programme Manager
  • Questions about the SOSF agreement, project budget, deadlines, final report, contract images or any other admin issues
  • Questions about online profile & project webpage
  • Guidance on the scientific aspects of your project
  • Updates on upcoming or published scientific publications
  • With applications for Open Access Publishing support
  • If you don’t know who to contact

Jade (South Africa)

Content manager
  • Production of any creative content
  • Submission of blogs or any social media material
  • Questions about blogs or social media
  • Please remember to tag @saveourseasfoundation in any relevant social media posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Access to Shutterstock images for activities that are relevant to communicating your SOSF project
  • Your contact if you have upcoming papers.

Aurélie (Switzerland)

Communications strategist
  • Any questions related to media requests and media announcements
  • If you feel you have major news of general interest
  • For information on upcoming scientific publications (preferably at submission) so SOSF can help with communicating their release
  • To coordinate how SOSF is mentioned or quoted in the official press release of your scientific publications. We can work hand to hand with your institution officially making the announcement.
  • Guidance on the SOSF branding guidelines (use of the logo)

James (Switzerland)

Chief executive officer
  • Important questions about your project that could present major shifts in strategy or conflicts of interest
  • Questions about strategic relationships with the foundation
  • Updates or questions about your project management