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We’ve been spreading some #goodsharkkarma

17th February 2014

Save Our Seas Foundation has supported the Wavescape film festival since 2008. The main Wavescape event is an open air viewing of surf films at Clifton 4th beach. On 7 December 2013, we had thousands of ocean minded individuals in one place, ready to engage with some positive conversation about sharks.

Interactions between sharks and people always come down to the odds. You may only have a 1 in 32 million chance of being killed by a shark, but the primal fear of being eaten by a large predatory animal is not something that can be rationalised away with numbers. Whether you are a believer or not, every ocean user needs some #goodsharkkarma. With with 100 million sharks killed every year, they need it even more. That’s why, this summer Save Our Seas Foundation has been spreading some #goodsharkkarma.

Along South Africa’s coastline, the perception of sharks is mostly around great whites and shark attacks. Most people are unaware that there are over 500 species, most of which are completely harmless to us.
Do you know how long basking sharks are pregnant for or how old whale sharks are when they lose their virginity?

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