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We’re Back!

17th October 2009

So its been a really really long time since I last posted – what can I say things have been busy!  There has been so much going on that keeping the blog up has fallen by the wayside a little bit.  I will endeavor to keep things a little more current and update you all on the huge backlog of happening over the last five months including our work on tonic immobility in the lemon shark, the stress of longline capture in the Caribbean reef shark and how that effects behavior and survivorship, the abundance and distribution of sub-adult tiger sharks.  There has be a lot going on!

The first update I wanted to fill you in on is the presentation of our work at the annual American Elasmobranch Society in Portland Oregon in July of this year.  The CEI Shark Research and Conservation Program produced a poster presentation on the first year of SOSF funded research based on the validation of Baited Remote Underwater Video Surveys (BRUVS) and a more conservation based alternative to more traditional longline surveys.  The poster is a preliminary analysis of the results with a full manuscript to be submitted by the end of this year.  In addition, I presented on on the seasonal abundance, demographics and habitat use of Caribbean reef sharks.   Both the poster and presentation are attached to this post so happy reading if you are interested!