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World Ocean Day with Mar Sustenable

By Nadia Rubio, 15th July 2022

We want to give a shout-out to our students from the Sharks Club Mexico for making the past World Ocean Day a memorable one at Mar Sustentable.

To celebrate World Ocean Day, our students from the Sharks Club, Mexico, who are in different states of Mexico and other places in Latin America, drew their favourite shark and sent it to us.

Our students from Chiquilá also took part in this online event. In August, it will be a year since the Sharks Club Mexico started as part of our SOSF grant, and we are delighted that we have stayed friends and continue doing fun and exciting activities to learn about sharks even though we live in different places. Every kid was given a participation certificate, and we look forward to soon playing our newly made sharks´ lottery in the coming weeks.

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