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The future is in their hands

By Jessica Haines, 7th September 2020

Moodhu Madharusa “Ocean School” ran for the first time in Malé Atoll’s Dhiffushi school during 2019. Marine Education Programs (MEPs) have been running since 2015 with different local schools around the Maldives with a mission to educate local students on the issues surrounding their local communities and raise awareness on what they can do to help save our oceans.

Maldives - Musaidh Island Beach Clean Up during MEP. Photo by Jessica Haines © Manta Trust.

Mohamed Musaidh was an outstanding participant to the MEP during 2019 and has continued to shine ever since. Growing up on Dhiffushi, Musaidh always had a passion for the ocean but when the opportunity arose for him to learn more, he jumped at the opportunity to sign up. Musaidh showed a wealth of understanding already and an eagerness to gain as much from the experience as possible. Musaidhs’ dedication to learning more about ocean conservation was rewarded by getting the chance to take his first breath underwater and try scuba diving for the very first time.

Since the program, Musaidh has remained in contact with the Manta Trust and has dedicated this time, trying to encourage a change amongst his local community. Waste management in the Maldives is limited, but following the MEPs waste management module, Musaidh expressed his plans to distribute reusable bags around the island to discourage the use of single-use plastic bags on the island. Inspiring the younger generation to encourage changes like this is a great step in the right direction for waste management in the Maldives.

Maldives - Musaidh Snorkelling during MEP. Photo by Jessica Haines | © Manta Trust.

Not only is Musaidh making changes to impact his local island life, but he is also taking the initiative to get involved with as much as he can. Musaidh will be assisting the 2020 Marine Education Program at Dhiffushi School to help train the next generation of ‘ocean guardians’, that are willing to step up and protect their environment. During the inauguration day for this year’s program, Musaidh shared his experiences to encourage others to join;

‘I had an incredible experience last year and wanted to share that with this year’s students. I want them to be as passionate about the ocean as I am. It was awesome!’

MEP students 2020 at awards ceremony. Photo by Miss Nazeema | © Manta Trust.

Musaidh is also using his spare time to assist the Manta Trust with Manta IDs, scrolling through hundreds of belly photos and branchial galleries to help out our busy teams in Baa and Ari. It is so amazing to have watched Musaidh develop not only during the MEP but his continuation to flourish and thrive afterwards. We hope that Musaidh continues to share his passion for the ocean with others and that Marine Education Programs like “Moodhu Madharusa” continue to inspire the younger generations of the Maldives and around the world, to take control of their future and start making a difference today.

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