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Short Film- India’s Green Sea Turtles- Lakshadweep, Gujarat

By Rita Banerji, Maya Khosla, 8th December 2014

It’s been a couple of years since we were in Gujarat and the Lakshadweep Islands, where the green sea turtles thrive. Dinesh Goswami tells us he and his colleagues at Prakruti Nature Club (Veraval, Gujarat coastline) now support several additional sea turtle hatcheries located close to Veraval—hatcheries where sea turtle eggs are kept in safety until the hatchlings hatch out and make their oceanward dash. Do hop across the world to see our green sea turtle short, with glimpses of the Lakshadweep Islands, which include some of the most pristine marine habitats to be found anywhere in coastal India.

Please feel free to use this film for educational purposes. Once again we must thank Kartik Shanker for his endless feedback. Support for the short was provided by the Vasant J. Sheth Memorial Foundation and Save Our Seas Foundation. We also thank Rohan Arthur and Nachiket Kelkar for explaining the complexity of sea turtle issues in the islands.

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