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Shark Spotters & City of Cape Town win Eco-Innovation award for Fish Hoek Shark Exclusion Barrier

By Sarah Waries, 22nd September 2014

Shark Spotters and City of Cape Town win Eco-Innovation award for Fish Hoek shark exclusion barrier!


After a nail biting month of anticipation City of Cape Town & Shark Spotters have been announced as the winners of the 2014 Eco-Logic Awards Eco-Innovation Category, sponsored by EcoAfrika Coatings. Celebrities, senior government officials, representatives from municipalities and the private sector, environmental NGOs and NPOs as well as finalists and Certificate of Merit recipients attended the Glamorously Green Awards Ceremony.

Archbishop Tutu, an Eco-Logic Awards Champion, had this to say of the awards; “I am heartened to learn through these Awards about the amazing efforts that people across South Africa, from our smallest rural communities to our municipalities, private sector institutions and government, are making to build a better country, and planet, for us all.”

Hosted by The Enviropaedia, in association with SABC3 the glittering Award Ceremony focuses on Eco-Logic – a mind-set and value system that goes beyond products and manufacturing to include how we run our businesses; how we live in society and our communities and the application of natural law to our politics and economy.

The judges noted that the Fish Hoek Shark Exclusion Barrier sensibly and holistically provided a financially practical and environmentally responsible solution to a highly emotive problem. The judges commended The City of Cape Town and Shark Spotters on their approach to retaining the integrity of a natural habitat while preserving the possibility of human-sea-life existence in a respectable manner.

The team responsible for the successful Fish Hoek shark exclusion barrier.

The team responsible for the successful Fish Hoek shark exclusion barrier.

“It is a great honour to win this award, thank you to EcoAfrica Coatings for sponsoring it and the Enviropaedia for putting the event together” says Sarah Waries, project manager for Shark Spotters. “This award is not only a wonderful recognition of the hard work and dedication of our team, but it also gives us the platform to show the rest of the world that there are alternatives to lethal shark control that are effective safety strategies with minimal environmental impacts. Shark Spotters and the City of Cape Town remain world leaders in environmentally responsible shark attack mitigation and winning this award shows that with a bit of innovative thinking, and a lot of passion, it is possible to find a balance between recreational water user safety and white shark conservation, benefitting both people and sharks.”

Says David Parry-Davis, Publishing Editor of The Enviropaedia and co-host of the Eco-Logic Awards, “The principles of Eco-Logic and the eco-logic awards event are designed to introduce a new approach to addressing our current environmental challenges . The old ways have not been working well enough – so it is time to address these challenges differently. We have created the world as it is today and we can therefore create a better world tomorrow. But it is up to each one of us to play our part. I am deeply grateful to each of these winners , for being the leaders and showing us the way forward to creating this better more eco-logical world.”

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