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Shark Log 5 June 2011

By Mahmood Shivji, 6th June 2011

Not 1 shark came up to our vessel today, other boats had a brief glimpse but that was it. Trips like today are very frustrating from a research aspect there simply are no sharks to photograph and document. 6 hours is a long time with no shark activity. We observed 4 predation attempts with one shark trying to take a seal from within 5 to 10 metres of the wave that breaks over the launch pad. This was a very risky hunting attempt as there was very real danger of being washed up onto the island. The swell was at least 3 metres and breaking hard onto the platform regularly in the vicinity where this happened. We hope today we get sharks up to the boat so we can see who is around!

Seal Island SOSSC

Seal Island SOSSC

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