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Shark Frenzy in Monterey, California

By Laura Sams, Robert Sams, 2nd March 2012

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was swarming with 11,000 ocean enthusiasts who came out for the annual Shark Days Celebration. We were part of the weekend’s featured presentations, thanks to a grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation. We must have handed out around 2,000 of our shark hand-tattoos. We had a great turnout for the weekend, so thanks to everyone who came to see us share scenes and stories from our film The Shark Riddle. It’s always a treat hearing a packed auditorium sing like sea-lions in a live rendition of The Great White Shark Song. We taught the crowd to think like Shark Dentists. And we also enjoyed playing our impromtu game show Big Or Small to remind people that sharks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from the size of your hand to the size of a school bus. There is no one kind of shark – they are all unique!

The aquarium was nice enough to give us a behind-the-scenes tour so we could see feedings of their gigantic open-ocean exhibit. Imagine an enormous swirling soup chocked full of glittering sardines, psychedelic mahi mahi, torpedo-like tuna, giant sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and more, all speeding around to fill their stomachs with tasty morsels raining from above.

If you’ve never been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, put it on your bucket list. It truly is one of the world’s great aquariums. There aren’t many other places you can find so many species of sharks in one place, including the occasional great white if you time it right.

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