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Shark Diving E-Card

By Laura Sams, Robert Sams, 3rd April 2012

Here is your chance to make it look like you are diving with a shark! Click here to visit our Shark E-Card Page and choose from three free shark cards – the great white shark, the hammerhead shark or the basking shark. Then upload a photo of your face, and you will look like a scuba diver with a shark. We are very excited about this interactive card. It was funded with a grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation, and programmed by Ms. Libbey White. We spent a long time brainstorming what kind of shark e-card would be really fun, to accompany our movie The Shark Riddle, and we finally decided this was the answer. We were inspired by the “Your Face Here” type of cards. This way people can share their passion for sharks in an unexpected way. Each card comes with a “riddle” about a shark.

So go ahead shark lovers, create all the shark e-cards you want. It is totally free, thanks to the Save Our Seas Foundation. You will have ample opportunity to impress your friends and your neighbors with a strange and hilarious photo. And if you are a scuba diver who is bummed that you can’t dive as much as you want (like my brother Robert), this can give you that taste of being under the water.

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