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Shark Days in Seattle

By Laura Sams, Robert Sams, 13th August 2012

We spent the weekend at the Seattle Aquarium sharing scenes from The Shark Riddle, playing games and singing songs to celebrate our toothy, cartilaginous friends. What a fun way to kick off the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. I loved the setting. The entire building sits on wooden pilings, literally hovering over the cold water of the Puget Sound, as if it were waiting for an excuse to let go and set sail into the wild Pacific. The staff even showed us a trap door in the floor to prove the point – or maybe they were just showing us what would happen if our performances didn’t go well. The Seattle Aquarium is also a leading research facility on six gill sharks, which just so happen to hang out under the aquarium from time to time. Pretty convenient…and awesome!
We performed twice each day in their grand entrance hall to crowds of over 100 people each time. I’ll never get tired of making a room full of total strangers sing like sea lions in unison to celebrate the great white shark. The inflatable basking shark was a hit, as always – though we had to stop a toddler who thought it was a bouncy castle from climbing into the mouth.
But on the flip side, there’s something hilarious about a small child willingly jumping into the mouth of a 23-foot shark. Special thanks to our new friends who drove the hour and a half from Bellingham, WA just to see the show in Seattle! It’s fans like you who make it all worthwhile. Our weekend of presentations was part of our Shark Days tour, sponsored by the Save Our Seas Foundation, which has taken us to California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Hawaii. It’s been a blast!

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