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Science with the giants

By Lara Marcus Zamora, 10th December 2014

Doing science is not always easy and certainly not fast. However, at the end of the day, when all those hours of sampling and working in the lab translate into numbers on your screen that tell you an important story, you feel rewarded for your hard work.

We have now conducted two field campaigns, and we are halfway through our project. During almost two years of research we have documented 150 whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef. This research will help us to better understand the whale shark population in the area. We also took very valuable biopsies that have already been analysed in the lab. Very soon we will be able to unravel some of the secrets of these ornate and mysterious giants.

In the meanwhile we want to share this video, which illustrates our research at Ningaloo Reef. We hope you enjoy it!

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