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Ready or not St Joseph, here we are!

By Ornella Weideli, 17th March 2015

Written by Bridgette Rademakers, James Guilder and Morgan Gueuning

We are the volunteers that have been fortunate enough to assist in this season’s shark nursery project. The three of us (Bridgette, James and Morgan) feel extremely lucky to be here and would like to share as much about our experiences as possible. Before we divulge all of our epic adventures we would like to introduce ourselves.

Bridgette Rademakers
Bridgette has traversed four seas and three continents to get here from New Zealand. Marine gypsy queen, there are many places she has been. She has hopes of saving every marine creature and is here to learn all that this atoll can teach her.

James Guilder
James has generously ditched the beautiful British weather to slum it in the Seychelles. While his past involves working with jaguars and marine turtles in Costa Rica, James is now extending his experience in predator ecology by getting a bit ‘handsy’ with some juvenile sharks.

Morgan Gueuning
Morgan was born in Switzerland, raised in Belgium and has lived in France. He is now celebrating the completion of his Master’s degree here in the Amirantes. Bug king by day, kung fu master by night, Morgan is relishing this opportunity to submerse himself in this unique aquatic ecosystem.

In just a week, we have already seen so many amazing spectacles, which we look forward to sharing in upcoming blogs. We will be here for seven more weeks and will keep uploading blogs about our unique St Joseph experiences.

Bridgette, James and Morgan learning about tonic immobility from Ornella.

Bridgette, James and Morgan learning about tonic immobility from Ornella.

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