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HOT NEWS: Team Tags Tiger

By Mauvis Gore, 5th December 2010

8.00 p.m. last night, and at last, we caught a beautiful 3.5 m tiger shark on one of our lines. She behaved beautifully while the team (myself, Oliver Dubock and Luiza Neves) and were able to kit her out, not only with an acoustic tag, but a handsome satellite tag as well.

The acoustic tag (or pinger) should allow us to detect when she is present at any of our study sites. The satellite tag is a SPOT tag that will report her position whenever she breaks the surface for long enough for the GPS to function. It seems from the work of colleagues that some Caribbean tiger sharks may make regular long-distance journeys. We can’t wait to see if she spends all year in the Caymans or is just a seasonal visitor!

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