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Grant for Shark Day Events

By Laura Sams, Robert Sams, 30th July 2011

We are thrilled to announce that Sisbro Studios has received a grant from the Save Our Seas Foundation to create "Shark Days," shark-themed family events at science museums, aquariums and libraries on the west coast of the United States, in order to further the impact of the The Shark Riddle and SOSF’s mission of shark education and conservation. We are really honored to continue our relationship with Save Our Seas, whose support for marine-based projects around the world is making a difference for our oceans.

What will happen at Shark Days? Each event will include a screening of The Shark Riddle, along with a live shark-based educational program from filmmakers Laura and Robert Sams, and the chance to see a life-sized inflatable version of a basking shark. For outreach activities, children and families will participate in hands-on crafts, games and activities from The Shark Packet of family fun and educational activities based on the film. Educators at each institution will also be given a hard copy of the entire Shark Packet, developed by Laura Sams, which includes over 60 pages of activities (from shark bingo to shark scientific inquiry to shark hats to shark cupcake toppers).

The grant will fund the development of a web site activity called "shark attack e-cards" in which people can email friends and family an animated shark card, complete with real facts about sharks.

The main objective is to bring shark education and conservation to families so people will:
1. Understand that sharks are very diverse.
2. Understand that sharks are important for a healthy ocean.
3. Understand that sharks are not the deliberate man-eaters often depicted in Hollywood
4. Think that sharks are interesting animals.
5. Discover resources they can use to share information about sharks with their

Basking shark

Basking shark

If you know any west coast aquariums, museums or libraries who might be interested in having Laura and Robert visit them, please let us know! Visitors will be thrilled to see the movie and their live presentation, which will include a life-sized inflatable basking shark, real-life shark teeth and shark jaws, live performances (with a sing-along) of the Great White Shark Song (don’t you want to see Robert singing like a sea lion?), stories about real shark science in SOSF funded projects, and a behind the scenes look at making the movie The Shark Riddle. Plus, participants will receive a free whale shark poster!

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