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Celebrating our wilderness home: welcome to False Bay

By Lauren de Vos, 26th November 2012

I recently presented at the SOS Shark Centre’s marine conservation speaker series, and decided once again that images and video could speak far more eloquently to the point (and poignancy) of my work here in False Bay.

My greatest concern, in translating the BRUV footage to an audience outside the scientific community, has been to have South Africans recognise the splendour of the wilderness we’ve inherited. That we are a part of. That we are the custodians of.

Aside from the obviously charismatic creatures that our oceans are famous for, my BRUV work has allowed me to meet some of the sea’s stranger characters and to realise that the diversity that False Bay represents is something truly wonderful.

Once again, my friend Otto Whitehead and I decided to put the BRUV footage in context of the phenomenal environment it is so much a part of. The result was this little cinematic celebration of our beautiful home and South Africa’s largest true bay, False Bay.

Make sure you have a good pair of headphones, and enjoy.


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