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A manual for identification, reporting and conservation of sharks in Albanian territorial waters

By Rigers Bakiu, 14th December 2018

We’ve been hard at work creating a manual about sharks and rays in Albania which will be available in both English and Albanian languages. The manual will include all the data we have collected since the implementation of this project. It was written with the help of Alen Soldo and Sarah Fowler.

After the manual was printed, Shen Gjin was the first town I visited, here I distributed some of the manuals to the fishers and other individuals. I also gave a powerpoint presentation on how to use the manual and pointed out a few of the interesting shark species, as well as which sharks need protection in the region. The presentation was extremely interesting for them and the most notable thing was that most of the fishers knew nothing about the sharks fisheries, the international conventions and the national legislation.

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