Ocean News

Time to leave again

26th March 2009

It generally seems to happen that just as you’re getting comfortable in a place, and really getting to know the people you’re working with, its time to move on again.

I’m very lucky in that I get to travel to a lot of amazing places around the world, visiting and documenting interesting projects. Its amazing diving in such a diversity of locations and with so many fascinating animals. The best thing about traveling to these places, is however, the people. I’ve met so many great people on this trip to the Cape Eleuthra Instituteand The Island School that if felt very sad to leave. This really is a special place, where fantastic work in being done.

Thanks to everyone who put up with us during our time on Eleuthera, we know film crews can be a pain, so thanks for your patience!

A big thank you to researcher Edd Brooks, for taking time out of his busy schedule to work with us in documenting his exciting project, and another big thankyou the rest of Edd’s team; Alannah, Chris, and Jasmine. You guys make a fantastic team, and are doing a great job. I look forward to seeing and working with you all again in the not too distant future.

Now, onward. Mahmood Shivji here we come.