Ocean News

The oceans speak out – Day 2

23rd May 2009

Early morning surfers and a bottle washing onto shore

Saturday: I’m up again before the crack of dawn and on Muizenberg beach. The weather has held as it did yesterday when we did the speaking shells. I need the light for good shots so I’m relieved. Today we are placing the bottles with the messages inside, beautifully hand written by creatures of the ocean such as Greg the Great White Shark, imploring humans to please stop our destructive ways and help save our seas. The shoot is a success, I get the shot. But more importantly the campaign is a success. People pick the bottles up, open them and read the letters…we are getting our message out. People need to become aware and stop living unconsciously as though the plight of the oceans belongs to someone else – it is each one of our problem, and each one of us can make a difference.