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The new old CEI shark team.

6th April 2009

This would be a great opportunity to introduce a coupe of bright young ladies who have been working for the CEI Shark program since January this year.  They are part of the Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholarship (BESS) program which is run by the Cape Eleuthera Institute in collaboration the Bahamas Reef Environmental Education Foundation (BREEF).  The BESS program provides funding for graduating Bahamian high school students to pursue a 14 week academic semester at The Island School followed by a six month internship at CEI, BREEF or another participating environmental organization in The Bahamas.  Jazz and Alannah have very quickly made themselves indispensable members of the shark team here at CEI and will be sorely missed when they eventually move on to university later this year.

I also want to say welcome back to Chris Berry who is sticking around for his third season of sampling with us as well as talking on significant responsibilities at The Island School.

Thanks guys!!!

Another thanks must go to SOSF very own Tom Peschak for all us to use the image of Chris and Alana on this post.