Ocean News

The Easter Bunny is a Black Tip Shark

21st March 2008

It is Easter Friday also on Aldabra and the little blonde 4 year old daughter of Aldabra’s Research Officer is getting excited at the prospect of a certain tropical bunny. As she splashes in the shallows with the black tip reef sharks around her, the creatures she calls her friends, I think how fantastic it would be if the world saw this scene. Perhaps it would change the media influenced perceptions of people across the globe for the better and for the benefit of our marine realm. As soon as I have a chance I will photograph Anna with her friends.

Tom and I had a day on the atoll catching up with downloading and backing up our images. The digital age has taken photography to a higher level but it has also created much more work in the field. Downloading and backing up (repeatedly and several times) is extremely time consuming!

The rest of the team went out on the boat specifically to deploy the remote camera in the reef running off our island. It has been giving James endless amounts of trouble and today he thought it would finally be up and running. It failed, but they did see a large lemon, 10 black tips, 1 tawny nurse, and 1 grey reef shark, all inshore reef sharks.