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The 2009 Team

22nd May 2009

Looking to the Future

The shark research team at CEI is ever growing with a total of six full time researchers and field assistants – add to that this semesters Island School group and we have a total of twelve people actively working on shark research and conservation – not bad for a program which is only just over a year old.

These twelve researchers are currently split between two major projects and as such getting everyone in one place at one time is challenge – so when it happened organically I grabbed the opportunity to get a team photo.  The program would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for the help, insight and dedication of everyone in this photo and many people who have come before them – thanks everyone!

The number of projects the program is tackling is growing, and we have big plans for the future.  The first year of research into validating baited underwater video surveys against longline surveys is nearly at an end, the results of which, along with some insights into the Caribbean reef shark populations off Cape Eleuthera will be presented at the American Elasmobranch Society meeting in Portland this July.  We are currently finishing a study into the stress physiology of juvenile lemon sharks and how well they can recover from exhaustive exercise.

Highlights for the near future include –

June 2009 – The start of a study into the effects of longline capture on the behavior and survivorship of Caribbean reef sharks.

September 2009 – A study looking at the site fidelity of juvenile tiger sharks (See pic below).

And we have all sorts of plans for 2010 so stay tuned!