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Talks presented to Retirement Groups and Societies by Verona, Lindy and

16th July 2009

PROBUS Langebaan Lecture As Verona had a great deal on her slate, Lindy addressed the men and women of this group of significant “retired” professionals. What a delightful group of people and they are so fortunate to live in one of our country’s incredible natural sites. Our thanks to the PROBUS members who embraced the messages we conveyed and their passion to take the message into their community. From Betty West: “Incidently, the booklet that you gave to us, I have passed on to a lady (of similar age to yourself, I think) who is a teacher at a crèche recently started by the Methodist Church in Vredenburg and she was most enthusiastic about teaching the little ones about conservation.” SARP Pinelands Lecture Verona addressed a group of about 60 retired people. The talk was thoroughly enjoyed and afterwards the many folk went up to Verona to chat and give their personal thanks for a fascinating talk and for imparting information about our seas and sharks that they never knew before. The centre has arranged to show the group the documentary: “Maxine’s Journey” on the 15 October and many expressed their wish to visit the centre. One of the retired gentleman, David, offered to fix our wooden donation box, which he did and our thanks go to him. University of The Third Age in Constania Lesley addressed a group of 60 retired professionals and again this was very well received. A warm thanks to this group for the generous donations. Add A Heart in Cape Town This unique society endeavours to assist their members find the right organization in order to volunteer their services; and in so doing, meet their social responsibility – giving something of value back to their communities, their environment, to animals and to our planet in general. Brenda organized this group to visit the centre for a well-received talk by Lesley about the SOSF and the SOSSC and our meaningful work internationally that is making a difference!