Ocean News


16th April 2009

The essence of life on Earth is that everything is interconnected and truly interdependent.  It is unfortunate that human beings have traditionally been arrogant, always believing in their superiority above all living creatures.  This has resulted in us plundering, spoiling, killing and destroying most of nature without any concern for the consequences.

However, we are beginning to pay the price as witnessed by global warming, rising prices of food, starving nations and the economic downturn internationally.  Scientists have warned that if we continue killing our sharks at the rate of over 100 million a year, and if we continue unsustainable fishing practices as we are, then many shark species will become extinct, and there will be no fish left by the year 2050. Currently over 2 billion people rely on sea food as their main source of protein.

Our aim at the Save Our Seas Shark Centre is to teach children this truth and to demonstrate this with practical activities that show this interconnectedness and delicate balance in the marine ecosystems.  We teach them that sharks, and all of the oceans creatures belong to us; that humans are responsible for the plight of sharks and the state of our seas.  We teach them that they are the future guardians of Earth, and all her living animals; that they can’t wait to care only when they are adults; and most of all we try to empower them with the knowledge and understanding that they can make a difference!