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Success for the Shark Riddle!

16th August 2011

Save Our Seas is the proud sponsor of the project The Shark Riddle, now a finalist for Best Children’s Program at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Our congratulations to Laura and Robert Sams!

The Shark Riddle is a new episode of the children’s series called The Riddle Solvers. The Shark Riddle follows the a brother/sister riddle solving team on an adventure through the pages of a magical journal to solve a mysterious riddle about shark teeth. Meet a raucous group of singing sea lions, experience the underwater game show Are You a Shark?, hear a shark lullaby and discover the powerful and magnificent world of sharks.

Read more about this project here:

Do not forget to read the Shark Riddle Blog, where you can now watch a very charming video. Some kids were inspired by The Shark Riddle to make their own movie. It’s about the "Less Famous Sharks", and a wonderful reminder to us all not to forget the less charismatic shark species in our oceans, that do deserve our attention and protection.