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SOSF joins forces with The Museum of Discovery and Science

28th April 2021

This environmentally-focused partnership is pleased to once again present the FREE Distinguished Speaker Series. These events will bring scientists, conservationists, researchers and educators from all corners of the globe to guests of the Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS).


Save Our Seas Foundation is proud to announce its official partnership with The Museum of Discovery and Science for the third year running. The goal of this sponsorship is to increase awareness of the environmental, social and economic impact of marine conservation efforts here and across the world whilst educating people to make a difference.

The partnership features the Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series, a free educational environmental science programme that addresses and promotes critical issues in the fields of marine biology and conservation. The series is a blend of virtual and on-site programming geared towards the general public and students of all ages.

‘Sharks are key to the fragile balance of our marine ecosystems. Many sharks are endangered, and we need to protect these important predators to help maintain this balance for healthy oceans. Our oceans are the life support of the Earth, regulating climate, fixing carbon, producing oxygen and providing food. Our partnership with MODS is very much aligned with the Save Our Seas Foundation’s overall mission.’
James Lea, CEO of Save Our Seas Foundation

‘The Museum of Discovery and Science serves as Broward County’s dynamic hub for dialogue and innovation regarding resiliency and community solutions to the impact of climate change,’ said Joseph P. Cox, president and CEO at MODS.


‘Our meaningful partnership with Save Our Seas Foundation highlights our aligned commitment to inspire people to care for our planet’s precious natural resources. The Speaker Series connects the community with the latest research, science and what we can do right here at home to help save our oceans’

Joseph P. Cox, president and CEO at MODS.

SOSF and MODS collaborate to select highly relevant topics and themes, which are then coordinated with world-renowned Save Our Seas Foundation project leaders with research grants to take part in the event by sharing their latest findings.


The lineup for the 2021 Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series at MODS includes scientists from around the globe who will discuss their research discoveries across a spectrum of topics, from sharks to manta rays, sawfish, algal blooms and much more! The always-popular Sea Turtle and Shark Expert Panel Discussions will return this year as well.


To register for the 2021 Save Our Seas Distinguished Speaker Series at MODS, please click here.