Ocean News

SOSF Film Crew in Town

10th May 2009

Something I have been meaning to write about for a while was the recent visit of the SOSF film and photo crew in the form of Tom Peschak and Dan Beecham.  We had an amazing ten days out catching sharks – the weather did not always play ball but such is life.  The boys managed to bring the sharks with them and we got our first Caribbean reef sharks of the spring as well as several tigers, one of which we put a pop-up satellite tag on.  You can catch up on the boys version of events here,here, here and here!

The tag – as so many do – popped off after only a week, but in that week the shark had crossed the Exuma Sound, passed through the Exuma Islands, and was mid way across the Tongue of the Ocean when the tag popped off.  That’s a journey of 120km in only a few days.  More on what the shark got up to whilst crossing all that deep water when I have had a chance to look at the data.

I will leave you with a number of truly amazing photos courtesy of Mr. Tom Peschak – Thanks Tom!