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Social Digital Ocean “theBlu” Launched

7th May 2012

This weekend saw the official launch of theBlu, a globally shared art and entertainment experience. Inspired by the world’s oceans, "theBlu" is a living and breathing digital art exhibit of ocean habitats and species, created by artists and developers from all over the world. Its aims are to:

  • Use the power of the internet to connect geographically disparate people in a meaningful way.
  • Empower a global community of artists and developers to create an extraordinarily beautiful and high fidelity series of apps.
  • Support non-profit collaborators in their efforts to better understand and protect the world’s oceans.

It’s not easy to get an idea of what theBlu is exactly from the description, but we’ve tried it and it’s definitely worth checking out! theBlu is available as a free download for PC and Mac.

From social gaming to social responsibility

"theBlu" turns the internet into a globally-connected 3D digital ocean wherein every species and habitat is an original work of art created by a worldwide community of artists, animators and developers, including Academy Award winners Andy Jones and Kevin Mack, and students alike.

Exploring "theBlu" is as easy as browsing the web and includes information about species, exploration of geo-located habitats, in-ocean tagging of fish, the purchase of species to grow your collection and customise your experience, social activity streams, event and photo sharing, and ocean life swimming from user to user across the Internet, creating real-time social interaction.

At launch, "theBlu" will enable a connected social exploration across eight ocean habitats, including over one hundred life forms with new habitats and species released monthly, and fifteen "ambassador" species, sponsored by non-profit cause collaborators, to raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation. Currently a downloadable app for PC and Mac, "theBlu" will soon be available on phones, tablets and smart TVs.

Non-profit cause collaborators

theBlu’s inaugural non-profit cause collaborators include: Mission Blue, OceanElders, Oceanic Preservation Society, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and WildAid.

How it works: Participating non-profit collaborators sponsor "ambassador" species or habitats in "theBlu" and users of "theBlu" are offered the opportunity to purchase these "ambassador" species or habitats for their virtual ocean environment. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the purchase price of these virtual species or habitats goes directly to the non-profit collaborators to fund projects that support their work in the real ocean environment. The program is also designed to increase awareness and reach for collaborating organisations and their conservation efforts. Users of "theBlu" have the opportunity to effect real change for the world ocean.