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Sharks Need Our Help

25th September 2009

European Shark Week is fast approaching and it presents a unique opportunity for people across Europe to demonstrate their support for shark conservation and effect change. Most European shark populations are declining from overfishing. One-third are threatened with extinction. The EU ban on “finning” – slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea – is among the world’s weakest.

However, hope lies with the new Shark Plan, adopted by the European Commission thanks in large part to support from many of you. The Plan sets the stage for vast improvements in EU shark policies, including the finning ban.  Its success depends on collaboration and action by EU Fisheries Ministers and the European Commission. These fishery managers need encouragement from the European public to follow through on the Plan’s initiatives and truly safeguard sharks.

European Shark Week runs from 10 – 18 October 2009 and will see a host of shark-related events being run across Europe. We at SOSF are running activities at the London Aquarium with Andy Starbuck from the Cool Seas Roadshow doing presentations on the 14th and 15th of October. Rumours are that he’ll be bringing a hammerhead, a great white, and a baby basking shark to the event. So if you’re in the London area be sure to come along!

If you can’t make any of the events you can still be involved by signing the online petition and by sending an ecard to others to let them know about the week. Also for those who like drawing and colouring there’s a great competition happening. For more info and other events happening around Europe see the website: www.europeansharkweek.org