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Shark Research Update 14th January 2010

14th January 2010

The Save Our Seas Foundation white shark research boat has been at sea today since early morning. Its mission is to track and tag the great white shark that was sited off Fish Hoek beach this morning. The tag will enable the team to follow the shark even when they cannot see it as the tag emits a constant transmission.

Coming Soon…
At the bottom of the ocean off Fish Hoek beach sits a radio telemetry receiver. This piece of modern technology works day and night in calm and stormy waters to gather information from swimmers by… Not your average passing fish, but great white sharks with Save Our Seas Foundation radio telemetry tags attached to the base of their dorsal fins. Located at several different locations across South Africa’s False Bay these receivers pick up the tags’ signals and map the movements of tagged sharks in the area. SOSF white shark scientist Alison Kock and her team will be diving out the Fish Hoek receiver at the first conducive opportunity. Stay posted for news on its disclosure.