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Shark Artist Comissioned – Save Our Shark Petition Goes Out

4th March 2008

An incredible amount of change is taking place at 28 Main Road, Kalk Bay. The Save Our Seas Shark Centre is taking shape, some aspects very fast, others seem to drag a little. All in all progress is slightly ahead of schedule.

Yesterday, Lesley met with a remarkable artist, who paints the most glorious murals of sharks. He has officially been commissioned, and will share his talent with us, creating a picture for the reception area of the SOSSC building.

Even though the actual development of the centre is our priority, and the core group is working flat out, Lesley has undauntingly succeeded in getting the "SAVE OUR SHARKS PETITION" out.

Lesley hit the "Send" button at 16h03 Central African Time and within one hour the response was over one thousand replies worldwide. Her phone has not stopped ringing with offers to assist from all quarters.

Please support us in this quest and go to www.aoca.org.za and send the petition to as many people as you possibly can. Our latest reply has just come in from the British Virgin Islands!!