Ocean News

Seal playground

15th May 2015

Creating a magazine from start to finish is not an easy task, especially when you are passionate about the product and the content it features. Save Our Seas Foundation CEO Michael Scholl and designer Peter Scholl were recently at the Shark Education Centre in Cape Town to work on the third issue of the Save Our Seas magazine with the Conservation Media Unit. With only two weeks to create the final product, things could sometimes get quite high-pressured.

Times like these call for a bit of team ‘R and R’. You can imagine our excitement when Michael told us that we would be taking Monday morning off to frolic in the ocean with the Cape fur seals of Duiker Island! If there is one thing a marine conservationist loves, it’s spending time in the sea, and these playful seals are always good company.

Armed with GoPros, underwater cameras and seven millimetres of neoprene, we set out on a crisp autumn morning to visit the legendary seal colony that falls within the Table Mountain National Park. We could not have asked for better conditions! It was as though the cold Atlantic Ocean was peacocking for us big time. A calm, flat and clean ocean meant that we had incredible visibility and could fully immerse ourselves in the seals’ underwater playground.

We were like children in a candy store! A certain member of the team managed to take an impressive 4,000 photos and 20 videos during the brief 45 minutes that she was in the water.

We’ve sorted through the footage and put together this short clip of the highlights. Enjoy, and a big thanks to the Animal Ocean team!