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Save Our Seas Supported Exhibition SHARK! now on view at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale

20th May 2012

Last week, the long awaited SHARK Exhibition at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale (www.moafl.org) was officially opened with several events, including a Shark Family Day.

Long before humans first appeared on Earth, sharks were swimming the seas. They predate dinosaurs by about 200 million years and were revered by ancient human societies as gods. Sharks come in all shapes and sizes. There are angel sharks, basking sharks, blues sharks, bull sharks, gray sharks, lemon sharks, sleeper sharks, and tiger sharks, among many other varieties. Not only are they found in every ocean of the world, but in many rivers and lakes as well. This major exhibition has been organized by the Museum of Art in association with Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center, where the Save Our Seas Shark Centre is located.

It is guest curated by acclaimed wildlife artist, author and environmentalist Richard Ellis, who is working to bring together both art and science in documenting the world’s never-ending fascination with these celebrated creatures of the sea. In addition to drawings of all the known varieties of sharks in the world, the exhibition contains photographs, sculptures, and video as well as a section devoted to the sensational impact of the 1975 Steven Spielberg film Jaws.

The Save Our Seas Foundation was the sponsor of all video and educational materials of this exhibition, a.o. a Family Guide, Shark App, a SHARK games, which provides a wealth on information of the ocean’s key predators. There are giant video screens that show Save Our Seas Shark footage, and there are screens showing the shark pictures of SOSF CEO Peter Verhoog, Chris Fallows and Douglas Seifert.

Everyone can access the free Shark App to learn more about sharks, play games and see great shark pictures.

There was extensive media coverage, and Professor Mahmood Shivji, director of the Save Our Seas Shark Centre, was interviewed. You can watch the interview at:


You can check out pictures of the events and SHARK at Facebook.

SHARK can be visited until January 13th, 2012. Until that date, there will also be several screenings of documentaries, a.o. the Save Our Seas Supported Documentaries Surfing and Sharks and Shark Riddle. Don’t miss it!